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With over a 30 years of experience, helping youth to acquire Driving Skills and Experience. As well as training drivers with a Workshop and Education for a Safety Driving for their Passengers. There is a high level of accident Occurrences in almost everyday in Ghana.
Many Families are dead by road accident and leaved their Children behind, whiles life has become tough for these Children.


I  am Emmanuel  Twum  the  Director  of   Filliesco  Driving  School
I was born in 1957 at Akim Apadwa, in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
I am Married with four Children and working with two Staffs at the moment.

I Completed L/A Middle School and join the transport company at an early stage, i was a bus conductor from 1974- 1976. During the same period, I learnt my driving lessons. After many years of driving both in Ghana and international, i had the zeal to further my education and become a driver instructor. I had my Drivers instructor training at National Vocational Training Institute At Kokomele In Greater Accra, from 1991-1992 with my Certificate of Driving training.

From 1991-1992 i was called back to Further my Driving training Course to be trained as a Driver Instructor at the same School. Sponsored By World Bank and Ministry of Transport.. Their Purpose was to train more drivers for Road Safety and to reduce road accident in order to Save lives. After Completion, I Joined Drivers Union group at Alajo Taxi Station. And i was allowed to teach the drivers onroad safety

I Started this training for free even though the divers pay small amount of money for fuel and car Maintenance. I moved form Alajo taxi station to the Junction for the same course. I Established Drivers Union group called (NKWA- HIA COOP. TRANSPORT SOCIETY- LTD.& NAT TRANSPORT)

with  the  support  of  Radio  and TV  announcement ,  i was able  to  gather  some drivers  at  my  Office  to  Instruct  them  in knowledge  base  for  Road  Safety.  I  developed  more  Idea  to  train  more  of    youth  with  driving  Skills  for  most  of  the  youth  in  Ghana  have  Finished  School,  looking for  job  but   know  where  to find  job. I  started  a  Campaigned  Called   Youth Driving Skills  Empowerment  for  Free

Since  then  we   have trained a lot  of  youth  from 18- 35 years   with a  Driving   Skills  Empowerment. .
Most  of them  are  working  at the  moment.  It  is  a  way of     our  Contribution  to.  Save lives  from  accident  and  also  to  help and create   Jobs  for  the  youth.

We  Help  and  reduce  Road  accident  through  Education,  Driving  training  and  workshop in  the  Societies.
We also  help  and  create  jobs  for  the youth  through  Driving  training,  Experience  and  Skills  Empowerment.

Almost  Every  week,  People  are  Dying  by  Road  Accident  in Ghana, there fore in  this  year  2018  we  seek  to  Extend  our  services  to  the  people of  Ghana  to  other  Communities as  well  for  the  same  Mission  starting  from  Abeka  Lapaz, in the Greater  Accra  Region.

Community  Network:
We  seek  to  work  with  local  and   International  Communities  and  save lives  together  and  also  to  help  and  empower youth  with  Driving Skills and  Education


Free Driving For All

Free Driving For All

You want the fastest place to learn how to drive and work ? Then the best place to be is Filliesco Driving School.

Free Driving for the Youth. Starting 18th February 2019 to 30th December 2019

The fast way to knowing how to drive. Join us

Free Tuition on all Road sings



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  • 11/03/2019 12:00 AM
  • Alajo High Street, Accra, Ghana

Learn your road signs and drive safely. Learn your line markings and drive defensively.

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  • 02/15/2019 05:55 PM
  • Alajo Junction on the Accra Nsawam road
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  • 11/24/2018 08:00 PM
  • Alajo Junction

We call for an accident Free in 2019! for there were high levl of an accident occurrences in Ghana in this year 2018. We appreciate the support of the teaches, Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation and all those who contributed something.

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