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With over a 30 years of experience, helping youth to acquire Driving Skills and Experience. As well as training drivers with a Workshop and Education for a Safety Driving for their Passengers. There is a high level of accident Occurrences in almost every week in Ghana. Many Families are dead by road accident and leaved their Children behind, whiles life has become tough for these Children.


I  am Emmanuel  Twum  the  Director  of    NKWA- HIA  COOP. TRANSPORT  SOCIETY- LTD.
I   was  born in  19 57  at  the  village  called  Akim  Apadwa,  in the   Eastern  Region of Ghana.
I  am   Married  with  5  Children  and  working  with   two  Staffs  at the  moment.

I  Completed  L/A   Middle  School,  i  was  a  bus  corrector from   1974- 1976  while  i  was  learning driving  in  practicals. I  started  my  Driving training  School  at  National  Vocational  Training  Institute  At  Kokomele  In  Greater  Accra, from  1991-1992  with  my  Certificate of  Driving  training.  

From  19:91-1992  i was called  back  to  Further  my  Driving training  Course  to  be  trained  a s   a Driver  Instructor. at the same  former  School.  Sponsored By  World  Bank and  Ministry of  Transport..  Their  Purpose  is  to  train more  drivers  for  Road  Safety  and  to  reduce road  accident in  order  to  Save  lives. After  Completion, I  Joined  Drivers  Union group  at  Alajo  Inside  Lorry Station.  And  i  was  allowed  to  teach    the  drivers  for a  road  safety   Journey.

I Started   this training for free  even  though  the  divers  pay  small  amount of money  for  fuel  and  car Maintenance.  I moved  form  Alajo  Inside  to  the  Junction  for  the  same  course. I Established  Drivers     Union  group called  (NKWA- HIA  COOP. TRANSPORT  SOCIETY- LTD.&  NAT  TRANSPORT)

with  the  support  of  Radio  and TV  announcement ,  i was able  to  gather  some drivers  at  my  Office  to  Instruct  them  in knowledge  base  for  Road  Safety.  I  developed  more  Idea  to  train  more  of    youth  with  driving  Skills  for  most  of  the  youth  in  Ghana  have  Finished  School,  looking for  job  but   know  where  to find  job. I  started  a  Campaigned  Called   Youth Driving Skills  Empowerment  for  Free

Since  then  we   have trained a lot  of  youth  from 18- 35 years   with a  Driving   Skills  Empowerment. .
Most  of them  are  working  at the  moment.  It  is  a  way of     our  Contribution  to.  Save lives  from  accident  and  also  to  help and create   Jobs  for  the  youth.

We  Help  and  reduce  Road  accident  through  Education,  Driving  training  and  workshop in  the  Societies.
We also  help  and  create  jobs  for  the youth  through  Driving  training,  Experience  and  Skills  Empowerment.

Almost  Every  week,  People  are  Dying  by  Road  Accident  in Ghana, there fore in  this  year  2018  we  seek  to  Extend  our  services  to  the  people of  Ghana  to  other  Communities as  well  for  the  same  Mission  starting  from  Abeka  Lapaz, in the Greater  Accra  Region.

Our  Network:
We  are  at  the  moment  working in  collaboration  with   Compassion  Soul  Winners  Outreach  International  NGO  who  are helping  Family  skills  Empowerment  and   Child  Education.  
Through  their  Outreach  Mission  they  come  across   a  lot of  youth  who  are  not  working  and  looking  for  something  to  do  for  a  better life,  but not  to  go and  commit  crime for  the  living!
The  Organization  use   to  bring youth  for  Driving  Education,  Skills  and  Experience.
We  hope  to  work  together  with  the  Organization  for  a  long  way !

Community  Network:
We  seek  to  work  with  local  and   International  Communities  and  save lives  together  and  also  to  help  and  empower youth  with  Driving Skills and  Education


GHANA NEWS IN 20 18 EXPLAINED THAT: An average of six (6) people die in road accidents everyday in Ghana, the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) of the Ghana Police service has revealed. The Head of Education, Research and Training at the MTTD, DSP Mr Alexander Obeng who announced this on the Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ 93.1MHZ Monday attributed the situation to the irresponsible driving displayed by both private and commercial drivers on the country’s highways. According to DSP Obeng, statistics from their outfit show an average of 59 people get injured nationwide through road accidents everyday since the beginning of 2018. His assertions come after the death of about twenty-seven (27) passengers through three (3) separate road accidents during last weekend. “We can’t have any prevention than what research has shown in Ghana that if 100 crashes occur, about 52 are as a result of excessive speeding and out of this too, you realise that about 70% is as a result of unlawful overtaking,” he told Neil-Armstrong Mortagbe, host of the Morning Xpress. He continued: “If 592 Ghanaians have been killed within three months from 1st January to 31st March this year, and over 3,300 have been injured, then obviously if history is anything to go by, it must be more.” To him, if drivers use highways with caution and avoid excessive speeding and overtaking, the alarming numbers could reduce and roads will be safer for Ghanaians. Drivers To Blame For Crashes DSP Obeng also bemoaned the spate of road carnage that keep killing and injuring thousands annually. He stated that besides the enforcement of road regulations, there are some basic responsibilities that need to be addressed to reduce the the number of crashes on the country’s highways. He mentioned the refusal of drivers to regularly maintain their vehicles, the rush to reach destinations to maximize sales through “excessive speeding [and] unlawful overtaking” as the basic known causes of motor accidents. “…And we ask ourselves is it that they are not aware? Is it that when we admonish them they are intolerant?” he quizzed while lamenting the neglect of safety precautions on the part of commercial drivers. He however reiterated the MTTD’s commitment to educate drivers and continue to punish lawbreakers to deter others. ncidents A total of twenty seven (27) died from three separate accidents between Saturday and Sunday last weekend. Two of the crashes which happened in the Northern region claimed twenty (20) lives. The first one happened on Saturday, April 14 at Savelugu in Tamale. Two persons who were on a tricycle loaded with firewood from Diara were crashed by a cargo truck which was also loaded with lumber from Savelugu heading to Diara. According to the Northern Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mohammed Yusif Tanko, preliminary investigations revealed that the rope tying the firewood on the tricycle also known as motor king got torn “and the rider lost his balance and rode into the lane of the oncoming cargo truck.” One person on the tricycle, according to police, was smashed beyond recognition on the spot hence a medical officer performed the autopsy on the spot. The other on the tricycle also died later at the Tamale Teaching Hospital. On Sunday dawn at about 1:42AM, another head-on collision involving two buses killed 18 passengers at the Yapei-Yipala highway near Buipe in the Northern region. On Sunday afternoon, the third accident which happened on the Tarkwa-Bogoso highway in the Western region killed five (5) on the spot while two others died while receiving treatment. There is a need to take the right action against that for lives are precious! That is why Filliescoa Driving training has come in for thirty years now training drivers and youth to help and reduce Road Accident for free Fees even though we take something small for car maintenance fees.

UP COMING EVENT: In our network with Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation (NPO & NGO,) we are planing an Event for road Safety program in the Month of November. There is very high level of accident occurrences annually in Ghana between the month of November and December and an Event will help to reduce road accident in Ghana, in order to Save lives and Properties. We seek to extend our network with both Local and International Communities. With our Partner Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation, we are also already training Youth to acquire Driving Skills everyday in our office at Alajo Junction Accra. There are more graduate student who are youth in Ghana who are Finding it difficult to get job. Our Driving skills training have created an employment for many youth in Ghana for Free Since 19 74 up till date. We really appreciate the Concern of Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation with their Ideas all the support they are giving in order to safe Families from Rods accident. Are you a youth that looking for Driving Skills for Free? Come to Alajo Junction for Driving training for Free! Check our Contact page and contact us now! Please Check out for more information's regarding our up Coming Event


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