Road Safety Event

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We call for an accident Free in 2019! for there were high levl of an accident occurrences in Ghana in this year 2018. We appreciate the support of the teaches, Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation and all those who contributed something.

  • Date: 11/24/2018 08:00 PM
  • Location: Alajo Junction (Map)
  • More Info: Alajo Juntion. You cn call on: 0277524029 now for your Free Driving Training!

Price: $00


On  Last  Saturday  24th  November  2018.  Filliescoa  Driving School w e  Organized  our  Annual end  of  year  Event  to  help  and  empowered  more  youth  with  Driving  Skills.  We  also  Provided  them  an  Education  regarding  Road  Signs  and  more  in formations  regarding  Road  safety  Driving. 

We graduated  and  awarded  11 students  with  a  Certificate  on  that  day.  Even  though  an  event  is  over,  how  ever  the  programs  Continues  every  day  in  our  Office. 

The  President  of   Unique  Compassion  Soul  Wining  Foundation   were  there  at  an  event  for  they  are  the  Main   Organization  that  have  been  supporting  us.  We  really  appreciate  his  concern  and  his  team.

We  call  for  an  Accident  free  in  2019.  Please  expect  more   Photos,    and  videos  of  the  event. of  last  Saturday  24th    November  2018

Are you a youth  that  looking for  driving  Skills,  or a  driver  that  looking  for  more  Driving  Empowerment   for  Free?  Contact  us  now!


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